pre-scheduled Special Occasions


For those who like things simple or who may be prone to forgetting special occasions during the year, Casablanca Floral is here to help.  Choose 3, 4, or 5 special dates within the year - an important birthday in the family, your anniversary, your parents’ anniversary - and we will make sure that an artful and elegant 'Stunner' ($150 value) arrangement is delivered on your chosen dates.  All you have to do is receive the plaudits for being so thoughtful!

Special Occasions x 3

Popular by many who like help remembering important dates! The “Triple Play” is simply choosing three special occasions for Casablanca Floral to schedule.  You order once and we track who and when you’d like a stunner arrangement delivered on your behalf!~ 

Pictures shown are examples of Triple Plays already sent! All arrangements are seasonal and personalized for your special someone.

Savings of $195

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