Casablanca Floral began in 2014 when I hauled a wreathe-making machine up into my children's tree fort and filed for a license to pursue my lifelong dream.   In truth, a passion for flowers and the natural world has been with me for over 5o years.  My Italian grandmother Flora had a glorious garden in which I used to love to play.  At home as a child, my mother made me a deal:  if I did the weeding, I could create an arrangement for our family table.   Later, I worked in a floral shop to pay my way through grad school. Casablanca Floral is the culmination of my lifelong love for expressing creativity through flowers.

The word Casablanca denotes my favorite flower and my favorite classic film.  It has always signified ultimate elegance to me, and so was the natural choice for naming my company.

Today, Casablanca Floral has bloomed into a thriving business serving the Seattle metropolitan area. Operating out of my studio rather than a storefront allows me to keep my work personal, close to home, and close to the heart.  My life as the mother of two fabulous teenagers entwines and overlaps with my life as a florist.

I am certain that you will feel the love, care and joy that is poured into each arrangement my team and I create.     

Thanks for stopping to smell the flowers!  

-- Maura

Photo by Jessica Kirk